Our Mission

Our new Calico Jacks Online business takes our Brand in a new direction! We want to be more sustainable and more eco-friendly, so we have shifted to carrying no stock and getting everything made as its bought, which will result in reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the transportation required to ship the products to us and then on to you, Instead we now send it directly to you from our suppliers fulfillment centers. This massively reduces our  carbon footprint immediately, thus reducing petrol, oil, paper packaging and plastics, and other toxic waste products. From the multiple boxes and bags we used to use to ship stock too and from New Zealand out to and from U.S.A, U.K, Europe, Thailand, and the rest of the World we now have access to a supply chain with fulfillment centers in  USA and Europe, as well as some products being produced more locally in Australia and New Zealand. We have some products now from Nicaragua and Latvia, shifting some of our spending from China  to other countries that will hopefully benefit from the business. We also hope to reduce the time  and physical manpower by reducing any double handling by using these distribution hubs, in an effort to supply our Brand but reduce the impact on our environment and climate as this is something we strongly believe we can adapt and improve on. In the future we hope to find more sustainable products that we can use and creatively incorporate too, as well as expanding our wholesale operations!