About us

Calico Jacks began as an idea in London in 2004 with a bunch of contacts within Alternative Fashion clothing industry and over the next 2 years as more suppliers from around the world were approached the business began to take shape. On returning to New Zealand in March 2006 we revved up the pace and the business opened up in a modest store on a side road in the capital city, Wellington.

Calico Jacks Boutique Ltd. was born opening its doors on the 1st August 2006. The aim was to be your one stop Punk Rock Pirate shop! As well as selling other Alternative Fashion products, the Calico Jacks Brand was formed and proved to be popular enough to expand on the idea, collaborating with talented artists from around the world, a unique range of merchandise began to develop and its own identity grew. From a small store on a side road (Ghuznee Street) we moved onto the hip alternative hub that is Cuba Street in 2011 and this really escalated the Calico Jacks' brand to new heights. As well as a huge website being launched, sales grew on Trademe (NZ's version of Ebay) and thousands of sales really secured Calico Jacks place in the growing online trading world. We sponsored Roller Derby events and Dr.Sketchy burlesque drawing classes, with generous giveaways at both of these regular events.

More talented artists around the world were approached and the designs they sent back to us were epic! Over the next 4 years we really began to drive sales around the country at Tattoo Shows, Armageddon (NZ's version of Comic-Con), Beach Hops, Car Shows, Lifestyle Expos, and this became part of the business model. In 2015 the cash flow from online sales and stalls made the shop no longer necessary and that year we attended 26 different events instead all over New Zealand showcasing not only the Calico Jacks Brand but other popular products we sold too. In 2017 the business relocated over to Brisbane, in Australia, and was put on hold.

Fast forward to now, it's 2021, and Calico Jacks Online is reborn in all its glory! We hope you love all the designs, some are old, some are new, some have never been released until now.

Long live the punks, the pirates, the goths, the freaks and weirdos! Stand up and be proud, embrace what you love, who you are, shine in the light and glow in the dark, dive into all things you are passionate about, and thrive on every special moment with those you love. Arrrr!!